Arthur + Brittany Enchanting Washington Wedding

Although the odds weren’t always in Arthur and Brittany favor during this wedding, they did not let it phase them. Arthur and Brittany reached out to me because their original wedding photographer could no longer capture their wedding. One of Brittany’s close family friends was best friends with one of my other brides mother in law (I know…it’s kind of confusing) and that’s how they found me!

Arthur and Brittany actually met through an online dating site and met while they both lived in Arizona. They bonded over hiking and traveling all around the southern part of the country. Brittany has family members that live in Spokane, Washington so they decided to get married within the pine trees. These two were so much fun during their wedding day, including a special “first dance” that included a flash mob, a candy toss instead of a bouquet toss, and a bubble dance.

I got to chatting with lots of the guests at their wedding and they truly had the most important people at their wedding. Everyone there adored either Brittany or Arthur and was so supportive of their relationship. Some of these people wrote a letter for Brittany and put it in an album for her to read before her first look. Brittany was overtaken with emotion and love while reading them! It was so sweet!