Madi + Spencer Bryce Canyon National Park Sunset Session

My husband, Roberto and I took a road trip to southern Utah for my mentor session with Kylie Morgan. We spent two days driving from Spokane, Washington to St. George Utah and let me tell you….it was so dreamy but exhausting. Who knew you could get exhausted from sitting in a car and driving all day?!

We drove an hour or so to Bryce Canyon National Park a few hours before our session and it was absolutely a dream! Seeing all the red rock topped with snow, the deep canyons, and the sunset hitting the horizon. I grew up around the mountains, but these were a completely different story.

We drove through the whole park to find the perfect spots for our session and then met up Madi and Spencer who were so sweet. Despite it benign the desert, it was still freezing! They were both troopers for running around in the cold for a few hours. But running around the small national park, admiring the view, and having a fun couple to tag along with made it worth it in the end!

All in all, I would love to book more sessions in Utah and all of the beautiful national parks! Also, Madi is an amazing videographer in the St. George area and you should definitely check her out (