Marissa + Alec Bogus Basin Sunset Session

Marissa, Alec, and I took a little day trip driving up to Bogus Basin this fall. As we were hiking down into this valley, Marissa was telling me all about the ecological facts about what this used to be based on the shape of the valley. We ran around, tripping over bushes, and getting so many stickers stuck on our shoes and pants.

Marrisa and Alec are one of a kind. If you have ever met Marissa, you know you are in for a treat, and Alec could not be a more perfect match for her. Marissa has been my best friend for seven years. We met at a church winter retreat, as she fell asleep on me the bus ride up and we bonded over music and her dog. We became inseparable from then on.

Alec is one of the first guys I’ve met that I could tell truly admires Marissa despite everything she has been through. She is brutally honest, loud, hilarious, and maybe a little crazy sometimes and he totally accepts that. As Marissa and I have grown together, I have seen her go through some deep lows in her life, and I am so happy that she has found someone to love her and accept her crazy life. And not only does he show this love to her, but also to her cat Bon. I can not wait to get to know you and Alec more as a couple and see your love grow!