Alex + David Brooklyn Bridge Park Session

We started our trip flying into New Jersey to stay with one of Roberto’s college housemates and his wife.  We spent a few days baking cookies, playing Wii, and exploring Princeton. We then headed out to Brooklyn, New York to explore the city and to get to know some of my family.  My mom’s side of the family is the typical huge Italian family, and I haven’t met very many of them. So we stayed with my third cousin and his wife in Brooklyn and chatted about family and all things New York!

While we were in New York I met up with Alex and David for a session.  I literally met them for the first time at a Shake Shack and we roamed around Brooklyn Bridge Park getting to know each other and capturing their love.  David is a stand up comedian and Alex works for Nickelodeon. They’re originally from the midwest but moved out to the big city to pursue their careers. They were so open and fun to hang out with for the evening and really showed me that I want to book more east coast sessions.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love the PNW and everything it has to offer.  But being in a more urban setting during a session brought out something new in me and I LOVED it!  So to all of those east coasts babes, let’s chat and book a session!!

We ended our trip taking a train to upstate New York to visit my cousin who I am shooting her wedding next summer.  We spent the day with her, and then headed back to New Jersey to fly back to Idaho. It was such a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to make it back...hopefully soon!