Hossein + Makenzie Epic Mount Spokane Proposal

This session literally BLEW ME AWAY!  Hossein contacted me about two months ago about doing a couple's session.  Then about a month later he messaged me again to see if he could propose during the session….uhmm ABSOLUTELY!

A few days before the session I drove up to the picked location, Mount Spokane, to see how long it would take us to drive to the top and to scout for good spots.  Well on the date we originally planned for, it was raining in Spokane which means it was snowing in the mountains.  Hossein decided to wait a few days when it was warmer and sunny to do the session.  

The day of, I picked them up and we drove about half way there and realized that they closed off the road to the top of the mountain because it was icy.  So we decided to just walk up the road in hopes of making it to the top before the sun went down.  Well, we ended up not making it all the way, so we settled for a spot on the side of the road for some pictures of the two of them and then moved up onto the road for the “pose” I was having them do for him to propose so it was flat.  The sun was perfectly setting and everything else went so smoothly.  Mackenzie had no idea it was going to happen and I was so giddy the whole time!

Hossein and Makenzie are the most kind people you will ever meet, and it was so cool to learn about Hossein culture and how they met (they’ve been dating since high school and are in their senior year of college now). I hope the best for the both of you, and I can’t wait to attend your wedding next summer on the west side.