I’m Kaitlyn!  An adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based out of Idaho.  Of course you already knew that, but I literally have the best job EVER so I get super stoked when I have to opportunity to tell people what I do for living.  I love being hidden beneath pine trees, smelling the salty ocean water, and watching the fog roll through the mountains. But my heart also has a special place for being surrounded by a thousand strangers, walking through the concrete jungle, and riding the subway.  If I could eat tacos and ice cream for every meal, I would! Anddd I also have a bad habit of binging teen drama, true crime, and dystopian series on Netflix.

I have also been married to an anime loving, podcast enthusiast, future doctor for the past two years.  We sat next to each other in anatomy and physiology class in high school, went to college, and got married in Spokane, Washington.  He is stubborn (but so am I, hehe) and is NEVER on time, but I truly can’t picture my life without him. Obviously, we love to travel!  And as much as we enjoy traveling to places outside of our country, we are big believers in exploring the country we are in as well. Every year we try to visit at least one new state we haven’t been to and we’re slowing making our way through the 50 states.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I’m not just a photographer that will show up, take some photos, and then send them off and you’ll never hear from me again. Absolutely not! I spend about 17 hours on each of my clients before their wedding day. I do this for two reasons: to become friends with you, and to capture you and your story well. I get to know you, your favorite places, favorite things to do, your style, research vendors, research locations, create inspiration boards, create timelines, and so so so much more! The more I can help you out on your wedding day and get to truly know you, the better your wedding day will be. I want to make sure you are stress free and actually ENJOYING your wedding day, because that is what is important.


2019 Travel Schedule

It’s no secret that I love to travel.  My bags are always packed and ready to go for any adventure.  Some of these trips are based on bookings, but also my own adventures.  So if I happen to be in your area, let your girl know and maybe I can squeeze you in!  And of course, if I’m not on a plane you can find me in my hometown of Boise, Idaho.

April 24-28 | Spokane, WA

July 11-13 | Elk Rapids, MI

July 14-16 | Chicago, IL

September 27-29 | Pendleton, OR

October 3-4 | Salt Lake City, UT

November 7-10 | Seattle, WA